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…and the adventure begins, the most exciting and fulfilling journey imaginable

Happy New Year!

Praying that you have as much hope and enthusiasm for the New Year – I sense with anticipation that this will be a year of adventure and trust that I will have much to learn and therefore much to share.

This year I want to focus on life – my understanding of life is that we are given this as a gift and then given the responsibility of stewarding life on earth, in the skies and in the seas.

For sure, I am not joining the bandwagon of emotional dialogue that ranges from our Greenpeace friends to our Mennonite friends to our global warming enterprises.

I am looking for something different – looking for God‘s intent when He made us stewards – responsible managers of things that really matter.  He gave us the wisdom, a relationship with Him, all the tools required to do the job right – so what does that look like?

My fear is always when confronted with the truth that is not the norm in our culture – will I pursue truth or bend to culture or worse, be apathetic.  Hence this is my accountability factor – to share with you each day so that I say the truth – then ask God to make it real in my life.  That is why I believe that this year will be an adventure.

I have only two rules I am following this year.

1. Love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength

2. Love my neighbour as myself

Lord, I give you this year, 2012, make it count, make a difference, let me be part of your plan and give the courage to do what needs to be done.


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7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

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  2. Someone much wiser than you or I said those are the two most important rules, for this or any year.

  3. Yet what is the truth and how will we know it is the truth when we find it? There are so many different versions of it.. it is nearly impossible to separate what is false and what is not.

    • truth is mostly found through experience – experiment — proven. so at this very moment what do you know that is true? probably quite a few things…stick your finger in that socket and you are going to get 120v of pure energy flowing through you … we are all going to die … 12″ is 12″ … 1+1=2 … etc. Each time you go to experience – experiment, you step out in what is called faith. Faith the airplane will not fall out of the sky, water will come out of a tap, you will get a pay check after working for such and such a time. Faith is what you go with and then what follows is experience – experiment — truth. You don’t have to reinvent the world – most things have been experienced and experimented already – some proven trustworthy, some not. What do you want to experience – experiment with today that is not already proven true?

  4. Lol which site are you using mostly? I just trying to stay connected! Lol

    Bless you!

    • have you seen my godmadevisible blogsite? That is my work site – I try and blog everyday. The evanlaar2012 master of life on earth sky and sea is my devotional blog – try to post there every day as well 🙂

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