master of life in earth, sky and sea

…and the adventure begins, the most exciting and fulfilling journey imaginable


Have you ever put yourself at the same level of authority as God?

Sure you have, as have I.

We do it every day.

We look at the world with the eye of sense and fancy at the same time, and we are highly excited by the hints of temptation – appetite, taste, philosophy, and love of wisdom are the great motives in our hearts that we want gratified.

We can not begin to rush in and analyze the lightning process of instinctive thought which take place in our minds.  Imagine if we could show the rationale of what in its fundamental point was a violation of right reason.  Something tells me that at the end of the day we think we are like God Himself – knowing the difference between right and wrong.

If we think like that, then the process continues – for does life end for us, are the wages of sin really death?

Is death merely the exclusion from the favour of God?  Maybe being elevated through a higher sense of reason and thought, being equal to God, would be more than compensation for losing interest in following God.

The fine web of sophistry, woven by the excited fancy in an instant of time.

Let us not forget that any sin is unreasonable, unaccountable, essentially mysterious. In fact, if it were wholly reasonable, it would no longer be sin.

Imagine thinking or desiring to be as wise as God – for there is no other way to this wisdom but an unlawful one, and no other likeness to God but a stolen likeness.

The desire, without any necessity, gratified by an act known to be wrong, at the risk of all the consequences of disobedience! Such is sin. Such is death.

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