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A Single Language

There was a time when the entire world, as one family, had a mutually intelligible speech.

This seems to be the manner of the direction that our world would like to pursue once again as we all desire to understand one another with the idea of partnering and establishing relations that would encourage more ebb and flow between the nations of knowledge, trade, business etc.

There are dangers to this as there are benefits.  We usually see the benefits we are pursuing regardless of the plan, only as the plan unfolds and passes a certain “no turning back” point do we see some of the potential dangers.

It would seem that those who speak the same language want to engage in, with and be part of what everyone else is doing.  That means we congregate where everyone else is.  So the sharing of the gospel becomes a rather simpler job.  The American Linguistic Association states that we will lose 6,000 languages by 2020.

By congregating together, we are not doing well in stewarding the earth, by going out and populating the entire planet and taking over the responsibility of the land that we inherited.  My neighbour and I have great conversations about the over-population of planet earth and how we have too many people for the earth to sustain – so it is okay for natural disasters, famine, disease and war because we rid ourselves of unnecessary consumption from a limited supply.  I come back with all the wasted space in the world that could use some stewardship and the amount of time we have wasted in not making that a priority.  Of course, the space is wasted because no one has realized what is underneath that precious ground until they live up/down there.  I could go on and on about this subject – one of my favourites.

The flip side of a common language is seen through the internet.  Now, no matter where you live or reside, you can be in communication with someone, sharing knowledge with someone, learning from someone, sharing your feelings with someone. An awesome tool that allows us to share the gospel with everyone no matter where they live, and what time zone they occupy.

It is my prayer that the single language of the world will not just be the working language of English, but God‘s language of love.  Love has the power to change the world.  A single, four-letter word, that many people, many cultures get confused over and do not understand until they come face to face with the reality of who God is.

Love is the single language that will change our world.

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One thought on “A Single Language

  1. Amen to that friend. God bless.

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