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very rich

It has always been hard to define what being “rich” looks like.

In my head I know that it is my decision to follow the fortunes of my relationship with God.

But if there were two individuals in an office space (recent issue for me) and two desks – one being cherry wood finish, the other a slab of white particle board over two small filing cabinets – and I was the elder of the two, in age, experience, knowledge and position – what would I do?  Would I offer the other individual his choice and should he chose the better of the two – would that be okay?  If it was, then I would sincerely know that I am as rich as I truly am.

For God has promised me everything I need and has promised to be with me forever, and has given me His authority not to lord it over anyone, but to do what needs to be done.

There is a power of godliness.

It gets lost when we spend too much time in the land of carnality, and out-of-the-way of truth into a way of deceit. Such a course betrays the struggle between moral good and evil. When we discover this we are humbled.   Self-condemnation and repentance are at work.  With a subdued, sobered, chastened spirit, we once again reflect our obedience to the call and purpose of God.  .

So being rich is my ability to call on the name of the Lord. My process of contrition in seeking a new heart, has come to its right issue in confession and supplication. The sense of acceptance with God, which I had before experienced in meeting with God, has now recovered. The spirit of adoption, speaks within me.

You may as soon find a living man without breath as one of God’s people without prayer – Matthew Henry

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2 thoughts on “very rich

  1. Wealth the world can’t comprehend, friend. Good stuff. Thanks and God bless.

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