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a substitute

When we start to guess, assume, perceiving to understand the will and power of God, even in determining His nature and character and thereby coming to conclusions that the gifts we feel are rightfully ours and part of our deemed heritage to receive – and we do not – then it must be His will and His pleasure sometimes to withhold this blessing from us, even if we really desire to have it.

So we look for another way to obtain it – a substitute – instead of by the hand of God, it will come to us by our own hand, our own plan, our own doing – and we all have done it.

For most of us this is because we fail by limiting God‘s power to the common order of nature, as though God could not give because it is an impossible matter for Him to do – a miracle if you will – outside the natural order of things.

Unbelief works, God’s almighty power is forgotten. In every relation and situation in life there is some cross for us to bear: much of the exercise of faith consists in patiently submitting, in waiting the Lord’s time, and using only those means which He appoints for the removal of the cross. Foul temptations may have very fair pretences, and be coloured with that which is very plausible. Fleshly wisdom puts us out of God’s way. This would not be the case, if we would ask counsel of God by His word and by prayer, before we attempt that which is doubtful – Matthew Henry

That would mean waiting and therein lies the secret of substitution – we do not want to wait we want it now.  The secret of mastering life is in the waiting, the failure is in the substitution.

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