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declaring an untruth

We have all been there – telling that “little white lie” which is a little better than a straight, downright, pre-meditated, willful lie; it at least might have been an equivocation and deception, and probably still not at all justifiable.

However, in our never-ending task of being self-aware I believe we have discovered a distrust of divine Providence; good people not only fall into sin, but have their relapses.

Why do I do it?

Fear of the people who I find myself surrounded by at the moment of my lie.  There probably is no outward pressure that caused me to lie, all the pressure is usually internal.  When I lie it is deceitful, deliberate and premeditated a distrust of God in every way – and that surprises me.

But here is the issue – when we lie, we will not prosper –  it brings ourselves and others into danger – and that is not what our calling is all about.

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