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a privilege

When we have the responsibility to be God‘s representatives of His authority we need to be reminded from time to time that we are persons whom others know to be Divinely favoured, and whom, in consequence, are deeply respected and reverenced.

We may call ourselves a stranger or outsider, yet have the privilege of being called by others, in the presence of others, a prince or princess.

That privilege comes when we render honour and respect to others.  Even to those we may consider ungodly.   Our Christian faith calls us to pay due respect to all in authority, without flattering their persons, or condemning their crimes if they are unworthy characters. It is amazing that you will find more often than not, as Jesus did, that the  noble generosity of those who have yet to make a decision to follow Christ shames and condemns the closeness, selfishness, and ill-humour of many that call themselves Christians.

Amy Grant, I believe wrote and sang the song, “My Father’s Eye’s,” which has been my prayer when I first heard the song at 15 years of age.  I pray that individuals will look at me and say, “you have your Father’s eyes.”  What a privilege that will be for me to hear – that God has made me such in His image, and I have spent so much time with Him, that we begin to look like each other.  May we never forget the honour of such a privilege.

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