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Never will you get a better sense of holiness or see the tenderness of one’s spirit and heart as in the time of struggle in relationships.

In our times of grace, there is not the same sense of God‘s faithfulness as in our times of struggle.

God’s faithfulness is a very important message, and it’s one that we take for granted.

In the context of both blessing from God and contention with this world, even as God blesses, our neighbours are jealous.  Even as we experience what are clearly tokens of God’s favours towards us, we simultaneously experience the trials  of this life and contention with this world.

It is a pattern and model of Christian living in a world which is opposed to the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are reminded that followers of Christ ought to aim to live at peace and await God’s vindication – aim to live at peace with our neighbours, and await God’s invitation.

Even though we may see the violation of relationship take place, an ending to what we thought were friendships, we quietly go back, re-dig, call out and re-establish them.    It is a sign of respect, it’s a message to our world that even though they have forgotten their friendships, we have not.  Very gently, ever so gently we make that statement that there has been a violation of relationship and our response is to restore, rename, establish once again, the favour and blessing that existed before.

That task is not a response with anger, but a quiet, going about the business of re-digging and reopening the relationship.

How does this work when we are talking about the claim of ownership – in this case – relationships?

When we actively pursue the restoration of what was once good, a relationship that was once healthy and somehow lost, it is our actions that will cause the restoration to happen, for God will have an invitation to change a heart and life that was somehow lost and restore them to a rightful relationship with Him through you and I.  We are called to be restorers of relationships and remember the grace and faithfulness of God – for in those characteristics of God we find the strength to do likewise.


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