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The joy of blessings – both in giving and receiving.

Blessings do not have to be new – if I bless my wife this morning with safety and protection, I most likely will do it again the next time she leaves the house.

Blessings should be seen as prayers – a prayer asking God to bless, and it is a prayer of faith, delivered out under a spirit of prophecy.  They are blessed indeed who are blessed of God for there is no other name in the heavens or on earth – for what is it that He cannot do or give?

Blessings can be both temporal and spiritual.

I have been encouraged today to bless those I am with – wife,kids, pastors, work colleague, friends on Skype, phone calls with donors, business associates – my leadership is not what I have to give, but through whom I know, that He might give what you really need today.

May I also bless you today – may the  Lord look favourably upon you, may He see the desires of your heart, may you receive His blessing – then may you see His hand bringing it to pass that you may once again bless His Holy Name.

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