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Am I God?

One of my great temptations, in the days of my youth, was to rescue everyone.

Little did I know that some of the afflictions that individuals were experiencing came at the hand of God – because I was not paying attention, I was getting in His way.

God used me significantly in those years, with visible signs of gifts – word of knowledge, word of wisdom especially as well as discernment of spirits.  The little I was used in my small youth group, I can imagine why these famous tele-evangelists find it so hard to come to terms that they “are not God.”  We can never take the place of God.

Yet how many people do you or I know that will run to a healing service from Benny Hinn, just so the best preacher with the gift of healing can pray for a loved one or friend – hoping for a miracle – thus effectively putting a man in the place of God.

Can any one give you that which God denies you? Can any one alter what God appointed? Am I in God’s stead?

It is sin and folly to place that confidence in any creature, which is to be placed in God only.


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