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“Stole the heart,” κλέπτειν νοῦν kleptein noun. The heart is the seat of the understanding in Scripture. To steal the heart of anyone is to act without their knowledge. There is no notice given to anyone on what are your plans.

To take the knowledge of anything away from a person is to deceive them.

So let’s consider the fact of who we are – followers of Jesus Christ.  What are our intentions to this regard?

The Bible teaches us the common duties of life, how to serve God, how to enjoy the blessings He bestows, and to do good in the various stations and duties of life.

Selfish people consider themselves robbed of all that goes past them, and covetousness will even swallow up natural affection. Opportunity is given to overvaluing worldly wealth which is the root of covetousness, envy, and all evil. The people of the world stand in each other’s way, and every one seems to be taking away from the rest; hence discontent, envy, and discord.

But there are possessions that will suffice for all; happy are those who seek them in the first place.

In all our intentions we should have respect to the command and promise of God. If He is with us, we need not fear. The perils which surround us are so many, that nothing else can really encourage our hearts. To remember favoured seasons of communion with God, is very refreshing when in difficulties; and we should often recollect our vows, that we fail not to fulfil them. (Matthew Henry)

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