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Preparing a Present

Presents are wonderful and beautiful.

There are many reasons to give a present and I would like to talk about one reason in particular – giving a present in order to pacify someone, gain their good will, or to avert someones wrath and displeasure.

Understanding of course that we have already prayed to God, committed ourself to Him, and left all with Him.

Yet I think it is proper to make use of all prudential means and methods for our ability to bless the relationships we have and I believe that  God frequently works in and by means made use of our ability to prepare and give a present to those we have lost fellowship with.

We have made God our friend by a prayer, and are prudently endeavouring to make another our friend by a present.  Even though we have prayed to God to deliver us from the hand of someone who is angry with us at the moment – our prayer does not make us presume upon God’s mercy, without the use of means.

I also understand the humble attitude such an expression is for we know that when we give a gift, the respect expressed is estimated by the quality and amount of the gift.

What am I driving at?

Let’s take my relationship with my spouse.

I really mess up – and the reasons are too numerous to mention.  Saying sorry works x amount of times.  Doing extra chores works x amount of times. Writing a letter works x amount of times.  There is one constant, undeniable expression that has worked for 27 years of marriage that has worked every time – a gift (along with a short, hand-written love note describing why you are giving a gift).

Ahhh, but the skill, creativity and timing of preparing and presenting such a gift comes only from experience.  In this one case, cost is a factor – not so much in how much I spend, but in how beautiful, unique and special the gift is with as little funds spent as possible.

I am saying that God is intimate with us and we trust Him for everything.  That doesn’t mean we sit back and say God has forgiven me and everyone else should too.  There has to be times where we take what we have in our possessions and give from them out of respect or love for the relationships we have around us.

Let’s find ways of preparing and giving gifts and see what happens to our relationships.


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