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Move On

Can’t say that I am comfortable moving on without direction from God – but I know how tempting it is in certain situations to do just that.

Whether it has to do with family, employment or church relationships – the temptation to move out on our own shows its ugly head every once in a while – we sit back breathe, wait and if God is not in it – then we do not move on.

However, if He is, and He is calling you to a place where His presence is, a place He has called you too – then He has come to your aid.

When you arrive in your new place, make sure to dedicate it to the Lord.

What I am to  say to the one who does not like change, has no desire to move on, and yet God has called you to.  I too have been there and it is not pretty.  Whether now, or later, you will be called to move on either to the place where you do not want to go or from the place you are now which has given you peace, joy and rest.

Our temptations to stay in this case, as opposed to moving on comes in the form of idols that we have created.  They have a hold on us – a house, a neighbourhood, friends, family, church community, salary, employment position – all these things matter and God’s voice is heard, His call is understood, yet we have lost the awe in our relationship.  But usually in these cases the call is not new, just a reminder of a call long ago, when you offered yourself, your life, to the living God as a servant, a missionary, a recipient yourself of the Gospel.  As you have been built up, fed, comforted, loved – now its your turn to do that for others in a new place, a place where there are no idols, a place called of God as your new home.

Either way, it seems that moving on can be a difficult situation – am I running away because of fear, or am I staying because of fear or is God calling me to do what I need to be doing regardless of either fear?

What about moving on in our relationship with God.  Forget about the outward appearances, where am I spiritually with God?  Will I find that I am not as near to God as I thought?   Will I find that I may be a bit preoccupied with prosperity and security at the expense of my relationship with God?

We may appear to be walking close to God while the opposite is true. We may still continue to preserve the forms and observe the rituals of piety, but, in fact, the reality is not there.  Since every one of us will face times when we have strayed from an intimate walk with God, we can find the way back no matter how we long we have grown cold and indifferent by failing to walk in the path which God has made clear – move on my friend in the love, grace, mercy of God and rest in Him alone – He will direct your paths.


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