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I am not much for one to take stock in dreams – their meanings, symbolism etc.  Sometimes I have glimpse moments where I think I do, but they fade quite quickly. I have had enough people share their “dreams” about my life and explaining what is going to happen to me  – of which none have been true – that I think I will leave the interpretation of dreams alone.

However, I believe that dreams are significant to those who have them – I think that through the night God enables a message to come through to us, revealing a little bit of Himself, even though most of the time we just do not see it.

I know for myself, when I was in school, math was always a problem. I would go to bed at night and ask God to help me solve some mathematical equation that I was having difficulty with.  During the night the answer came, went to school and aced the project.  Later in my working life I would do the same thing.  Going to bed, I would ask God to show me how to solve a problem that I was having difficulty with.  Sure enough, I would have the solution and the project would succeed.

There are young people who have dreams that stem from a call of God on their lives.  They are seeking God, and God, through dreams, He reveals Himself to them.  Especially if they are going to experience some great trials and go through incredible trouble – dreams given by God can sustain such a person through a lot of difficulty.  The dreams become the prospect of God’s hand in their lives – a support and comfort through day to day experiences.

What is interesting is that the dream of blessing always omits the period of trials and tribulation.  Those are rarely revealed – there is no strength in knowing those things.  The strength comes in knowing that at the end, God is there and we have to believe that if He is at the end, then He must be holding our hand through whatever we are going through and not just watching to see if we are going to make it – for surely without Him, we will not.

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