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If you do as I say, you will live

If we fear God, one of our responsibilities in this world is to save lives.

Though God’s words to us may seem harsh, they are only given to those He loves, and if He speaks roughly, it is because He has great mercy in store for us.

As recipients of His grace and love we do likewise.

I fear God, therefore, you may be assured I will do you no wrong; I dare not, for I know there is one higher than I. With those that fear God, we may expect fair dealing.

My words need to be about hope and encouragement, not fear and judgement – life not death , joy, not misery.

There are usually areas of self-interest and cruelty which has caused me to be who I am and I will have to deal with them and those will not go away easily, but they will go as I follow God’s Word and am mentored, coached, counselled by others who fear God.

My greatest memory of this experience with the power of speaking God’s word came during a financial planning seminar I conducted in a downtown Toronto church.  After three hours of sharing some of God’s thoughts on stewarding life in the area of money, I was tired.  The audience was primarily made up of single, university students and so many wanted to talk with me after the session was over.

It was close to midnight, I was still having small talk with a number of individuals as I made my way to the back door, when an older man, almost looked like he was a street person, stopped me.  His words have a very special meaning for me to this day, for they were words of blessing.  He said, “you know, I have been around a long time.  I have been coming to this church for some time.  I have seen counsellors and I have talked to friends, but tonight, I have something that I have never felt before – I have hope.  It”s as if your words have healed something so deep within me and has brought the power of God so close to me, that I feel I can go on, no matter what may come tomorrow, and God will be with me. Thank you, it is the greatest gift you could have given, even though that may not have been your real intent tonight.”

May we all be encouraged to say the words God wants us to say.  Repeating the words of love, hope, grace and giving encouragement and blessing to those we come across – not for our sake – but for healing to those who need to hear – and let them live, as you and I do.

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