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Can you predict the future?

My dad could for a period of time.

As he and my mom were searching for spiritual significance – even though my dad had a Dutch Reform background and my mom a Lutheran upbringing – they searched in the area of Edgar Casey and his ability to predict the future among many other things.

The more my dad got into this, the more “messages” he received about the future in regards to the persons he came in contact with.

Couple points they started to realize.  The “messages” were always bad news, never good news, the books that they were reading did not declare Jesus as the Son of God and that is the one thing that my mother knew was true and she became suspicious of the direction they were heading – away from God.

So one day, they burned all their books – 300 of them and turned their backs on the direction they were heading and decided instead to move towards God.

Let’s understand that Satan cannot create the future.  He can however mess it up.  God on the other hand has created the future, understands it, has purposed our lives in it and desires to bless us.

As a result, in order to help individuals along their way, God has gifted a number of gifts to us in order that we may know and thereby share the will of God with others at key points in their lives.  The message is always one of healing, direction, encouragement, wisdom, blessings…

So the prediction of the future is never our goal – ours is to be the servant of God in a time of incredible uncertainty and bring Him into it to make it a time of certainty – and God may be inclined to reveal a bit of the future to prepare, guide and direct us or others.

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