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Do not be afraid

Easier said then done!

There always doubts in our minds, especially when it comes to the will of God and the path which we must take to be on the journey He intended for us.

Most of us already know that besides God, there are few we can trust and most of us call out to God to give us a divine manifestation of Himself.

What I love about God is that He gives us exactly what we need in order for us to not be afraid – again, not what we want or are looking for, but what we need, and then the choice of being afraid or not being afraid is ours.

Without assurances from God most of us will not take the necessary risks to travel down paths unknown to us.  So we take the time to spend with God – prayer, reading His Word, worship, meditation – and by spending time in His presence, hearing His voice, we know.

Again, I know that it sounds easy, but the doubts always are there, even in the midst of His voice.  Sometimes God asks me to do things that I know at one time He asked me not to – all about timing – yet that causes crazy fears.  Others may have “prophesied” to you of hard times coming if you continue in your direction and that might be fearful.  The place where you are going is no where near where you believe God is calling you, and yet for a time He is, yet you can’t always be for certain – and it’s fearful.  It is because of these very things that  God provides us with explicit directions before He asks us to take such a journey with Him.

In our home, the age of our children come into play – what if some sort of evil action is taken against them, or either one of them or us would die and not be able to see each other again.  The other extreme is just as bad – what if we moved into a direction of more bliss and then be so tempted with that pleasantness that we might not want to move on when God calls again and possibly even forget that we have a different promised land that we should be yearning for – suffice to say, even the fear of making such a place our new god.

So we move forward and chose not to be afraid – seeking counsel, assistance, and a blessing from the Lord, paying attention to walking in His footsteps, receiving as many times as necessary the pledges of His covenant love – we expect His presence, and His peace.  Nothing can encourage us to fear no evil when passing through the valley of the shadow of death, but the presence of Christ.


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