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Is no one watching?

I have been on a spiritual journey these past six months that has involved – food.

Yes, at a weight that God did not deem responsible, He has been coaxing me and then finally calling to attention that what people see when I speak to them, either face to face or as a guest speaker, is not a man who seeks after God, but a man who seeks after food.

That did it.

I began the task of eating properly.

This ties into the verse that God gave me this year to live by and I am so excited.  However, do not think that I was not tempted.  I asked myself this question every day – is no one watching?  The answer always, every day, came back – “yes, I am!”

I thank God that He cares so much and loves so much and is willing to come alongside and be there – watching.

A very good friend of mine belongs to an incredible church, filled with faith in God to do the impossible.  They just embarked on a 21-day fast for the community and for the church.  I joined in too.  I just finished today!

Oh boy, how many times did I want a piece of chocolate – too many times.  Now my fast was not a complete fast – my doctor asked me to have one meal a day.  There were times – is no one watching?  The kind reply – “I am” – assured me that He would take care of me during the day and that I would not die.

May you live the moment always knowing – in good times and in bad – God is watching, willing to come alongside and be there for you, helping you be the person He wants you to be.

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