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They don’t believe and therefore will not do

The great fear of a leader is to leave their heart, soul and mind on the table, passionate, clear, and doable mission and vision – only to lift their heads, look into the eyes and hearts of those you wish to follow you and realize they have not bought in and therefore will not follow you.

I remember as a teenage, sensing the call of God in my life, and thinking of all the ways God could use me.  The dreams became nightmares when I found myself in situations, declaring the Word of God in a public setting and getting zero response.

That’s when it is easy to make excuses and tell God you are not ready to serve, not ready to engage, another few more years of Bible training, education, degrees, certificates etc.

George Carlin might have said it best in his show, Interview with Jesus, -“I would never want to be a member of a group whose symbol was a man nailed to two pieces of wood. Especially if it’s me! ”

Yet, once again, when I think like that, I forget that it’s not about me, it’s about glorifying God and if God wants to be glorified through whatever action He has asked me to do, He will.

With our call, there are a number of miracles that the Holy Spirit performs in us and through us.  The options are too numerous to mention here and I have heard some very creative methods that God has used through those who have yielded themselves as servants and followers of Jesus Christ.

We are right to agree that if they do not believe, they will not follow – so as God gives us His Holy Spirit, to empower us,  we can, through signs and wonders that He produces through us and in us, reveal to others, that indeed we have been with Jesus.

So it really has nothing to do with us – we are not that special – but placed into the hand of God – we become the leaders He desires us to be in order to bless those that we will be leading.


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