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How can you Lord?

If we are going to blame God for the evil that exists in our world, you know I could have put a million different photos in this post without trying to find a cute photo depicting the struggles of a leader as they are trying to lead.

It is tough slugging when you are at the head of the pack and when you hit the wall, believing entirely along the way that God has led you this far only to possibly realize that you have been leading further into treacherous waters than where you came from and now you starting asking God a lot of questions.

I love playing chess.  It is a game of immense intelligence and foresight.  The best players have planned out their moves and their opponents at least ten moves ahead.  Sacrifice of crucial pieces and places in order to move another player to do the things that are necessary for checkmate happen throughout the game. The more the opponent does not realize what is happening, the more the slippery slope to the end of the game is near.

I follow the same philosophy in my job.  Every team member has a chess set to remind them to think past the end of their nose and move at least 3 moves forward before complaining, giving up, or asking questions.

God is the most amazing chess player.  We may be pawns in His game and I am not so sure how we all might feel about that.  We are the ones that usually suffer the affliction of loss or cost of advancement, but God in His wisdom knows that the direction He moves us and the places He positions us are we belong to see His plan of amazing redemption take place in the lives of people we may or may not know.

You may ask another question – why would anyone want to be a leader in such a cause?  What we are really asking is, who would want to lead and not know where they were going, what was the ultimate plan, what gains or losses would take place along the way in order to advance and reach the promised land?  A leader who has faith in God, called of God to lead, filled with the passion to make a difference and knowing full well that only one can make that difference – God.

I thank God for the right to question Him, share my doubts with Him and I thank Him even more for the countless testimonies of lives extremely damaged in the world by evil people who have stood up and said, I did not know it then, but I know it now – this is what God did while I was being damaged and this is what God produced and I am so amazingly grateful.

The whole idea of pressure, incredible pressure, pressure you and I cannot fathom, required in the making of a diamond.

Since we cannot understand it we ask questions – I know only one thing – He will answer them, in due time, by showing you His hand.  Most of us will not see that blessing as the answer to the question, we will forget to thank Him, so ask the question and may I suggest that you thank Him right away that you know that He is providing the answer which you probably will not see.



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