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The Law of Celebration

This one is tough – it makes no difference how much I “want” to celebrate, it just seems impossible to do it right – hence my desire to go with the fact that there should be a law for such things that are so important.

I think we have the idea of celebrating events from the past – birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, graduation, baptism etc.  They are commemorative and in many cases, sacramental ordinances of perpetual obligation, if not in a practice in observation.

It is quite possible that I have already misled you with this photo.

I mean, what if I wanted to celebrate God – who He is?  His intensity and goodness, or His justness and mercy? What does that look like – probably more like a solemn religious joy – right?

It is my pleasure to engage in many of the celebrations in our Christian community – namely Christmas and Easter being the two clearly visible ones.  In the past twenty-five years here is the trend I have seen – Christmas is about gifts and Easter is about Spring.  Talk about the fact that Christmas is about the coming of God to earth to show us the way to Him or the fact that Easter is about God dying to take our sins upon Himself so that we could spend eternity with Him and you get a “no reaction.”

I mean how can you not celebrate the coming of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world; whose sacrifice will endure while time itself lasts; and to whose merits the salvation of our soul shall be ascribable throughout eternity. We are adopted into His family, a spared and redeemed people into the fellowship of His house, and He sustains us and  refreshes our souls.

The Lord makes all things new to those whom He delivers from the bondage of Satan, and takes to Himself to be His people. The time when He does this is to them the beginning of a new life. Having received Christ Jesus the Lord, we must continually delight ourselves in Him. No manner of work must be done, that is, no care admitted and indulged, which does not agree with, or would lessen this holy joy.

So long as we live we must continue learning, growing and reflecting Christ, rejoicing in Him always, with thankful mention of the great things He has done for us.  By the way, my niece made a decision to follow Christ on Sunday – inside I am going out of my skin, the angels in heaven are having a party because the one sheep that was lost has found her way home – how am I too celebrate such an amazing event?



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10 thoughts on “The Law of Celebration

  1. Great points for consideration. If the shadowish types of the old covenant provisions were honored with festive recognition, how much more now that the better has come. You are right… we should be celebrative! Our Lord has redeemed us!

    Awesome news that your niece has professed Jesus as Savior and Lord! – answer… throw a party! How meaningful would that be for her to see everyone excited just as the Bible declares the angels in heaven are. Thanks for sharing and God bless.

  2. Praise God for your niece’s decision! I think Jesus told us that heaven celebrates so we certainly should! I believe God created celebration by giving us a holiday at the end of creation. Of course the devil has made counterfeits, but God is the originator of holidays and celebrating so we can find wholesome ways to do that. I too, love the rhythms of the church calender but my husband and I try to keep it spiritually focused. Sure Easter can be about spring but who give new life? Who died and rose again to make life possible? And there is nothing more thrilling that contemplating the fact that God allowed Himself to live in a womb for nine months. I think we miss the real celebrations sometimes because of the world’s traditions.

    • for sure…those traditions rob us of some pretty creative moments we could engage in if we were not so boxed up. Anyone trying to get out of the box is promptly told to get right back in it…your encouragment matters – thank you

  3. Great post.
    Thanks for the follow. I hope my blog encourages you.


  4. Of all people, we believers really do have something to celebrate!

    It blessed my heart to read of your niece’s conversion. Definitely a celebration worthy event.

    Have a blessed Easter celebration!

    • Thanks Terrie for celebrating with me! Terrie, I think roughly, 1,000 people have seen this particular post, my most popular, what does it say when you are only the second person to celebrate my niece’s decision to follow Christ? I think we may have forgotten how.

      Terrie, this is going to be a great Easter season – my niece will be in church twice on Friday – for a Passion play and for a service – bringing her best friend who needs to know Jesus!

      Have yourself an amazing celebration this Easter yourself and I pray that as you bless the Lord, He will fill your cup with more blessings so that it overflows!

      Thank you for your gracious and kind words and I am glad you are following …

  5. I think when we don’t know how to celebrate such amazing things it becomes what we know and label as “JOY!!!!!” Thanks for visiting my blog – anut’snotes because it led me to this post from you!!

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