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Caring about discouragement

Can you imagine, beginning a journey to somewhere and coming face to face with adversity in all forms and likeness?  Would that not be discouraging?

What if the journey somewhere was a spiritual dark place and the battle was not against adversity, but spirits of darkness?

Would we all not have been discouraged, many of us might even rebel against God and turned back to our former life and style of living – forgetting about the necessary journey we knew we needed to take.

Sometimes, the slavery to discouragement, whether because we are too afraid to take the journey or having taken the first steps and then running back to our comfort zone, has somehow degraded our minds that we might even be incapable of  great or noble exercises and we comfort ourselves with our unseen acts, murmurings and whining.

I think God cares about your discouragement.  I also think that if the journey you are taking has so much resistance to it, that there is another place that God has prepared for you – ask Him to show you the way.

How do I know this?

God cares about me, and I know He cares about you.  Still take the journey, just try a different route, one that He has chosen.  His route is through a safe place, might be a place of solitude and rest, but a place where you can receive and attend to the things God wants to grow in your life.  You will be humbled, tried and proved as a follower of Christ but will openly see the power and goodness of God in your life.  Your faith will be strong and you will learn that you can hope in Him for whatever future journey is before you – even if it is one of difficulty and distress.

If we think God does not lead His people the nearest way, we may be sure He leads them the best way.


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