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Lord comes down and calls you up

I mean when I think about coming face to face with God – it only happens in my dreams – I feel I will just lay prostrate, on the ground and never get up.  His holiness, awe, immenseness, power, might, love are just a few of the incredible feelings I sense when I visualize what our meeting might be like.

The reason I dream things like this?  Well, God has called me into a relationship with Him.  He has promised a place with Him forever, a place filled with peace, a home made just for me, and I know there will be only one thing that I desire to have – Him.

There are times I ask God to come down and visit His people and to introduce Himself to people who do not know Him.  I know that if He should appear, that those that know Him would be encouraged and those that do not would want to follow Him as I do.

One of the joys of such a request is that you never know how He is going to show up.  Glorious, terrible, majestic, impressive…?  Will He impress deep reverence, religious fear, sacred awe…?  No, it will come as an introduction by Jesus, and it is through the name of Jesus that we approach Him with reverence.

So the calling begins – the hard heart of an unawakened sinner is consumed by His holiness and greatness and therefore a sense of our own meanness and pollution.  We cannot stand.  What must I do to be saved? Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, The Holy Ghost, who made the law to convince of sin, now takes of the things of Christ, and shows them to us. The light of the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ – His calling – redeems us, takes upon Himself the meanness and pollution and God looks at us, through the blood of His Son, Jesus, and forgives us.  He comes down and fills us, walks with us, talks with us – He calls us towards Him to be filled, to walk with Him, to talk with Him, to follow Him.

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