master of life in earth, sky and sea

…and the adventure begins, the most exciting and fulfilling journey imaginable


I do not mean the usual manner of a trip to a holy site, I mean a trip where you go and find yourself in a place where just you and God meet.

Your soul goes on a pilgrimage if you will as you bring back to remembrance God’s hand in your life, you bring back your commitment to follow God and you look back to see the lessons you have been taught and have learned through each and every day.

Many of us would know such activities as retreats, but as TV Thomas says, who wants to retreat, we want to advance.  The word pilgrimage does that for me.

Why do I want to engage in such an activity?

It is good to remember – why my day of rest each week is important, the creation of the world, the communion supper, the turning from what I was to who I am, the filling of my life with the power of the Holy Spirit, the meaning of the law in my life, those who have mentored and coached me along life’s journey.

It is good to re-establish my faithfulness in the various patterns of worship and how those reveal the splendor of God’s involvement in my life and mine in His.

To procure a time of quieted pleasure and necessary rest.

To receive instruction about my relationship with God through reading and listening.

To do this sometimes as a family in order to re-connect, re-new, re-acquaint ourselves to each other and to God

To be quiet and ask God to search my heart – then to repent for those sins of omission, ignorance,

To be thankful

To discover creative ways to live out my faith, to learn to give out of the wealth of who God is.

The real issue at hand is to make sure that I do not come to God during these times empty-handed.  I need to come and bring a tribute if you will, a gift, a present of offer to the King of Kings as I enter into His presence.  As you already know, the gifts are things that I give back to God from the blessings He has already given me.   All I want to do is make sure that I come to God during these times in such a way as to confirm with Him the rights of covenant fellowship.

I have a few places that I can go to for such an event – sometimes I turn a business trip into a pilgrimage because of the value of time with my family.

So I come to declare my trust in the faithfulness of God, to give Him a portion of my time, and most of all to worship God – to come with a soul filled with a holy desire for Him and to dedicate myself to Him.

Who knows what kind of husband, father, boss, or friend comes home after such an event – the adventure is just beginning.


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