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I showed you…

Have you ever had visions where you could specifically “see” what God was talking about?

Dreams are one thing, but a vision?

I do not hear so much about vision spoken in the context of “seeing,” more so in the futuristic sense of understanding what might happen – or determining the signs of the times.

One thing for sure, if God is going to give vision, it will be clear, very detailed and “you can’t mess this up” attitude.

I remember something I shared on my Facebook page – yes, it was a blog shared by a friend – here is the link –

Even though they called it a dream, this was a vision.

Doesn’t it chill you to know that God can be that specific and He looks to someone who will believe, have the courage to speak it and have the determination to consume it.

I am not one praying that I might have visions.  I know right well I would sit on them far too long, pondering their authenticity.  My shame is to admit that if you had one, I would do the same to you – ponder its authenticity.  God forgive me for being such.

If I am going to be a steward of life, I am going to have to receive some pretty clear instructions from time to time.  May my heart be open to what God wants to show me, or receive through someone else and give me discernment to move as quickly as He has determined.

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2 thoughts on “I showed you…

  1. I love stories like this and the idea that God talks to us in the many different ways He does. The main thing is recognising that fact. Remember the story of Samuel who didn’t recognise that it was God speaking with him when he kept waking up Eli thinking it was he who was calling him? I suppose it can be awkward if you don’t realise when God is speaking to you but again that often depends on how close we are to Him. It is also true that God speaks to those who are not so close to Him too if only they’d see that. In the case of the young girl in the story she was acting out of innocence and obedience too. We should all be like little children shouldn’t we?

    Shirley Anne xxx

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