master of life in earth, sky and sea

…and the adventure begins, the most exciting and fulfilling journey imaginable

Need to be consecrated?

Consecration is not about power, it is a reminder of servanthood, set apart for the principle of worship, leading in that service and worship.

Words like mediator, being set apart, higher office of state that stands between God and life, maybe – hope not – special clothing required to distinguish, wisdom, understanding, good judgement, practical intelligence, sanctification – not merely the removal of the uncleanness which flows from sin, but, as it were, the transformation of the natural into the glory of the image of God, public exposure, appointed by God, holy and humble…and there are more I am sure.

Let me share with you why consecration makes me so excited.

When my son was born, it took a few days before I had a chance to hold him.  When that time came, in the hospital room, I prayed over this precious gift of God and I consecrated him to the Lord.  At that very moment, I felt every once of spiritual energy live my body and enter my son – as if God was taking His spirit that He had given me and gave it to my son.  So much so that I had to ask God to make sure He refilled me!  It was the most awesome and precious experience I could have had as a confirmation that God heard my prayer.

When my daughter was born, I held her as soon as she arrived and held her for twenty minutes.  Those twenty minutes were filled with the peace of God.  She cried maybe for 10 minutes, even so, I felt God’s presence with us and it was amazing to be set apart in a special place with God.

When I travel, which I do a lot, every hotel room gets prayed over.  I touch every wall and I jump up and touch the ceilings as well.  I make sure that room is a room where God gets glorified.

My car – I could share stories that would make your heart leap in praise.  Maybe I will tell you only one story of one car that was not consecrated.  It was a bright red Pontiac Grand Am – V6 engine – and I hated it with all my heart, soul and mind (notice I did not go all the way with strength).  There was an employment situation that caused me to find a car in one week – that was the car – and God bless the man who helped me get it, for he helped meet a need.  Needless to say I hated the car.  I would leave the house in the morning, every morning, and say the same thing.  I only said once in the day, at it was in the morning – speaking to the car as I walked toward it – I hate you with all my heart, soul and mind but God I thank you for providing this to me.  In my 30 years of driving I have never had an accident.  With this car – in two weeks a major accident, two weeks later a minor, two months later another minor and throw in some speeding tickets.  It dawn on me that the bad situation was because I failed to consecrate the car to the Lord as I had done with all my other vehicles.  Our family gathered together as we usually do, laying our hands on the car and giving it to the Lord.  For the next 7 years (you heard me right) never had another speeding ticket or accident, picked up a few hitchhiker and were the answer to prayer on many of those.

In my recent capacity of leadership, I asked the Board to consecrate me to ministry.  They would not, but allowed me to call in my Pastor friend – he did, in front of those that came to participate, and I lead in the knowledge that God goes before me in all I do.

So I vote for consecration – if God has called us to be stewards of life in earth, sky and sea – sounds to me we could do well to have His anointing for such a task.  Many blessings to you as you take on this amazing adventure.



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