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ordinary or holy?

This is an interesting question only because most of us would like to be called holy, yet live the life of an ordinary person – in fact, I think that most of us are in this mindset.

I remind myself that, holy, is being set apart for sacred use by the Lord and that my service is not to be used in any way, or for any purpose than what He has directed.  It shows that the grace of the Spirit belongs to the Lord’s people, everyone else is carnal, and have no lot or part in this matter, and are not to be admitted to holy functions, as if they were holy persons; nor is counterfeit grace of any avail, which, though it may bear a likeness to true grace, is not that, nor to be so accounted, nor rested on, as feigned faith, the hypocrite’s hope, dissembled love, and pretended humility.

Ah, now you see where I am getting at – I hope.

There is this thing going around about hating religion, hating the church etc.  I get it.  Ordinary people saying they are called to perform duties that only a holy calling can perform – results are real bad – people are really hurt.

God wants to keep in our minds reverence for Him and teach us not to profane or abuse any thing whereby God makes Himself known. It is a great affront to God to jest with sacred things, and to make sport with His word and ways. It is most dangerous and fatal to use professions of the gospel of Christ to forward worldly interests.

If you are going to be ordinary, be all the ordinary you can be.  If you are going to be holy, be all the holy you can be.  Do not try to be holy if you are committed to ordinary and do not fake ordinary if you are called to be holy.  So here I am, called to be steward of life on earth, sky and sea – sounds like a holy calling – Lord, I yield to that call and give my life to serve you.

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