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Are you someone’s idol?

Let me ask you another question first?

Are people following you?

In my world, the answer would be yes in quite a few different models of my life – family, church, work, blog etc.  Good – yes, and maybe not so good.

Here is where leading gets a bit tricky.  You could understand your role quite well and deliver with your heart in sincerity and humility, but there is always going to be a follower who places you on a pedestal of some sort and you have turned into someone’s idol.

If that describes what you have been doing to another person, then someone has become your idol.

Oh boy!

The funny thing is, screw up your position, disappear for a while and the number two or three person on the list becomes the next idol.  Being an idol is not a permanent thing – kind of fickle in nature.  So it is rather easy to make sure that people are not following you because you are an idol – just make sure you show how human you are – that will do it and they will turn to someone else.

Hopefully, that someone else is Jesus.

I remember my wife going through something like this with our new pastor.  He was a great preacher, funny, articulate, knew how to prioritize family life etc.  Then through a couple of situations she realized that he did not practice what he preached all the time.  It threw her for a loop.  She struggled with this for some time – going from leaving the church to unhealthy confrontation.  When she caught sight of herself in the mirror, she was shocked that he had become her idol and now without an idol, she was lost.  She hit the floor with her knees faster than you could possibly imagine and I love her for her passionate call to God for forgiveness and her declaration that He was her God and no one else.  Needless to say, with her being transformed, the world was transformed and we lived to serve God in our church, with our normal pastor that had gifts that God had given him, and we helped change our world.

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4 thoughts on “Are you someone’s idol?

  1. Reblogged this on Resting in His Grace and commented:
    A little self-exam this morning… for me. Great words here.

  2. We all have strengths to build up the body of Christ but there is only ONE who has all the answers. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great post with wise words today! Thank you.

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