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Present yourself

No one likes performance reviews.

In a kind of sadistic manner, I love giving them.

Not because of evil intended, but because of seeing fear turned into power in about one hour.

Even so, I know that individuals who had worked for me for 5 or more years, still were fearful. I can understand that because, from time to time, I get my performance review from God too.

I ask Him to search my heart – for Him to see if there are any issues that need addressing.  Am I going in the wrong direction, have I strayed from my calling, is my relationship with God still front and centre?

It’s in these times of presentation before God that He speaks the clearest, there is no doubt in the experience.  You know that He loves you, you know that He cares, you know that He has a purpose and a plan for your life  – and that is where the fear comes in.  I am always afraid He will ask me to do something I do not want to do.  for instance, going to Africa is not on my personal radar screen.

That is where the problem lies.  Presenting ourselves to God is never about us, it’s about His revelation of Himself to us.  It is not a time to be fearing, but to be in awe of Him.

It’s the time we check out our actions with the character of God – as He reveals Himself to us, we can quite easily match up or realize we are off base with some of our thoughts and actions.

It’s the time when the contract is pulled out and God checks off one element for us – are we following Him?  Then He checks off a multitude of elements that He has promised to address – performing miracles such as have never been done before anywhere in all the earth, displaying power to His people, displaying power through His people.

When God made us in His own image, the moral law was written in our heart, by the finger of God.  Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, yet not from the commands of it. The first and the best evidence of the pardon of sin, and peace with God, is the writing the law in the heart.  So take some time, refresh your relationship with God and present yourself from time to time just to make sure that this relationship is in good standing.

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5 thoughts on “Present yourself

  1. Thanks for the connection, I’ve enjoyed having a look at your blog. Godspeed your journey!

  2. Love the John Wesley quote in the sidebar!

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