master of life in earth, sky and sea

…and the adventure begins, the most exciting and fulfilling journey imaginable


Every ingenious person, that is skilful in anything to do with mechanics, art, business etc., who can see something when there is nothing, and employs their thoughts to improve, have a creative manner, can turn nothing into something – are invited to come.

The basic idea has never changed – if you have a willing heart, bring it.

God dispenses His gifts; and as every person has received, so they must give. Those that are rich, must bring in materials to work on; those that are skilful, must serve with their skill: as they needed one another, so the work of God needs them both.

… so let’s go!


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4 thoughts on “Come…

  1. Good News Devotions on said:

    Thought I’d let you know that, I no longer have the brusharbors site.. However I moved to a new one.. Here it is in case you are interested. it is and my new e-mail is…. Hope you’ll come and join me… Blessings… Bro Pat.

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