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Blessed to be a blessing

Imagine people giving over 3,140 pounds of gold, 19,075 pounds of silver, 7,540 pounds of bronze in order to build a house of worship.  That does not include a special gift from all the women who decided that they would take their bronze mirrors and donate them for a special building project.

Then there are those talented enough to work with these products, master craftsmen – skilled and experts at what they do – working hard so that those who were to lead in worship could carry on with what God called them to do with the same sense of calling and ministry as the givers and the craftsmen.

Everyone taking their blessings and knowing that it was not theirs to keep, but to give as a blessing to another.

In all ages of the church there have been some persons who have recognized this,  more constant in their attendance upon God’s own character of generosity, and more willing to part even with necessary things, for His sake.

The foundation of the Church is built on the gifts of individuals who know that it is not so much the value of the gift but the revealing and giving of the truth which makes the Church.   By giving we are revealing our love for our Lord Jesus Christ while at the same time, prepare a practical place where like-minded worshippers can come together.

So let these gifts that we bring allow us and others to see Jesus, His righteousness and salvation.  That He is a full and sufficient offering for sin who regenerates us by His Holy Spirit, washing our souls and making us clean.  So may we offer willingly, may our souls be made willing, to be ready to part with any thing and count all but loss to win Christ and to win others to Him.


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2 thoughts on “Blessed to be a blessing

  1. Joyce de vivre on said:

    I love this song! and I love to pair it with Psalms 84:12 🙂

    Erwin, thank you for your prayers! (regarding my post about the earthquake) We are safe and sound in God’s arm here in Cebu. Though we are saddened by the continous havoc it brought to our sister city (Gihulngan, Negros), we are constantly watching and praying to God that our fellow countrymen will find to call on the true God here in my country. Thank you also for always supporting me here. God bless you! 🙂

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