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How do you remind God?

When I say remind, I mean, how do I set up markers  in my life to be a memory of something between God and me.

I look around my home and I have a memory of my dad with his scripture verse from Deuteronomy above his picture of two deer running through the woods hanging on the wall.  I have my sons college diploma on the wall.  There are lots of pictures of people that we love and celebrate life with that are still with us or have passed away.

But nothing resembling a spiritual marker that identifies and can be pointed to in days ahead that would make me say – see Lord, this is a reminder – a memorial of our agreement – remember and extend your hand, or thank you for always being there for me, or I show it off to my guests who come and visit and take time to glory in God.

My wife has a friendship ring that come straight from a heart of prayer and straight from heaven as a gift from God.  I have a home that technically I should never have received.  I have a job that is all me.  Are these things markers?

Would love to know if you are getting what I am getting at and if you have ever set something up to say – this is a memorial, a reminder, a marker of God in my life – God look at it and see it and remember me as I remember you?


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2 thoughts on “How do you remind God?

  1. Interesting question. We have many things around the home that are reflective of our faith in some way — a picture with a hymn text on it, a hanging with Psalm 23, Bibles and Christian books everywhere.

    Anything that was set out particularly as a “marker”? I can’t think of anything, really. And yet, this is something God’s people have frequently done through the years, and something He told the children of Israel to do (like when they crossed the Jordan River).

    I’m still thinking about this one.

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