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It can happen when we step out of line with God because of committing sins that we might not have thought were sins, or we neglected in understanding or lacked the effort in seeking to understand if what we were doing would be something that would follow along with God’s intentions or just plain ignorant of the fact that we were doing something that affected our relationship with God.

The unintentional sin.

How true it is that at some point in time, our conscience sends out these red flags accusing us of having yielded to temptation or revealed that in some way, shape or form we breached our covenant relationship with God in complete ignorance.

Those red flags would be there because our actions would oppose the holiness and purity of walking with God – the sin of straying from following the right path.

This becomes a problem only in the sense that once the transgression or omission comes to our knowledge, and we do nothing to resolve our conflict in relationship with God, then we have crossed the line from unintentional sin to obstinate and wilful sin that comes with consequences.

On a lighter note – have fun with this illustration –

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2 thoughts on “unintentional

  1. Good reminder. Thank you. Goes right along with my reading in Leviticus 4 this morning about unintentional sins. So thankful for the blood of Jesus to cover our sins. 1 John 1:9

    • One of our transparencies that we need to be aware of – others that are following us will see these unintentional sins before we do – may we be humble enough to accept them instead of getting angry or huffy – defending ourselves unnaturally. Then we can go and thank them, thank Jesus for His shed blood and live at peace and in reconiliation with God and “man.” Blessings Jim

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