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I absolutely love parenting – there is so much practical, logical and clearcut communication channels that make so much sense.  Without a doubt, I am the leader I am today because of the time,energy, passion and desire to be the best parent in the entire world – all for the glory of God, of course.

Today, I reap that with two amazing children in their twenties who are discovering their roles in this world today and in my continued leadership in my working world.

However, there is still more to learn and I learned another level of consequences that had a psychological angle to it, but have found a similar angle in scripture as well – the use of money as a form of consequence.

Here I am, sitting in this social media/leadership management course with incredible practicality on the social media side and strong on the suggestibility side for leadership style.  So I am in and out throughout the two-day event, but aware.

We come to a place where we talk about goals etc. and this is where I picked up this point – our instructor finished the segment by asking everyone to put an additional column after our goals and title it consequences.  Now, we know that we do performance reviews in order to assess.  Most of us do not do them to fire anyone, or demote anyone and I have never lived during the time of the dunce cap.  So I was intrigued, as were the rest of the class, what this was all about.

He said that we were to all pick a financial consequence (that’s the part I liked) that would articulate how passionate we were committed to reaching the goal we have just determined was a priority for the year.  For instances, me being a Christian, I was to donate $500 to the closest Islamic Centre if I did not attain my goal for the year.

That’s right, I went back and modified my goal – it became the best SMART goal you ever did see – and I guarantee – there is no way my money is going anywhere near an Islamic center.

We might call that motivation and not consequence, but I disagree.  I can motivate my children through a 100 different methods, but nothing sticks like a consequence – a choice – not an emotion.

Then I was reading my Bible this morning, there were financial consequences to not returning a deposit or something that you were entrusted to keep.  If you robbed someone or even oppressed your neighbour by crossing physical boundaries there were financial consequences.  If you found something like a wallet on the ground, took it, lied about finding it and it was found out – financial consequences.

Here are the consequences – you had to pay back everything and then on top of that an additional 20%.

Now get this – I love this part – and for most of you reading this – if you are a Christian, you are going to squirm.

How have we robbed God?  He has given us everything we have, because He owns everything we have.  In return for His gracious giving to us, He asks for a symbol, a gesture back from us as a form of worship, where we give Him 10% of what we have earned during the week.  Many of us do not, therefore we are robbing God of what is rightfully His.  Robbing has a consequence – return everything that you owe and add an additional 20%.  My guess is that most Christians will be giving 30% of their income to God for quite a while trying to make up for that huge omission.

For the first time it dawn on me that God is an amazing parent.  Crystal clear on the instructions, no confusion in the game plan and consequences – He loves laying down the consequences in simple terms – follow me or not.  If you follow me and  decide to act in a manner that is not representing Me, then these are the consequences and some of them are financial.

Yes, you can say that I am blown away today – need to get that check to the lady who gave me furniture for my office – better add 20% to that – its been a year.

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