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I am the Lord, I want to be your God, you must therefore be holy, for I am holy

The calling card of all followers of Christ – the call is clear, the response is clear – and if we just breathe in deeply, the desire and the output are so far apart, are they not?

God wants me to be visibly separate from others.  Sorry for the sport analogies, but they are coming in pretty strong these days – James Reimer with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Gary Carter who recently passed away and we had a glimpse of what he looked like from his teammates – he was with the Expos for quite a few years, Tim Tebow – no introductions required there.

Living holy lives and conversations are the most common thread in these and others who have determined that they will be different.  That determination has to help in their ability to follow Christ – I mean, look at those who have fallen – Jeff Gordon with NASCAR would be an example.  When you step away from determining to be separate, you become – unholy.

Of course, I am not stepping away from determination, I am stepping away from God and that reflection that I carry around with me, that imitation of Him who has chosen and called me to be His.  Since holiness is His nature, it becomes them who are His family.

His family – has a great ring to it doesn’t it?  Being around others in the family really helps us to stand and be when we know we are not standing and being alone.  Incredible difference when I moved my family from a church of 100, to one of 1,000.  The changes were immediate.  There was a whole lot more visible signs of worship, engagement, loving God, being alive to God – holiness with the signs of being strong and courageous for the things of God.

We couldn’t do it if God didn’t love us as much as He does, could we?  Nothing enables me more than to know that first of all there is no other God like God and secondly, that He wants to be my God – I think He likes me.

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5 thoughts on “I am the Lord, I want to be your God, you must therefore be holy, for I am holy

  1. I don’t “do sports”, but I enjoyed this post.
    I believe that God does not ask us to do what we cannot do.
    As in “Be holy for I am holy”. It is not a popular verse.
    Brings too much discomfort for the modern age.
    Living here and separating.
    It is hard work, but striving to be holy, and the intent of it
    in our heart, is what God is looking for.

    • Thanks Deborah – as for the holy phrase – that is why I included the words Lord and God in the title – holiness only comes with a desire to follow one Lord, one God – kind of like a “fruit of the Spirit.” You can tell a follower of Christ by their reflection of God’s holiness 🙂

  2. Good News Devotions on said:

    I really enjoy’d this post.. OH! I think He Likes you too.. Many Blessings my friend… Bro Pat.

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