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Have you been healed?

Part of the experience of stewarding this life is the promise given to us of healing.  That is indeed a special commission when we understand that this world can only give us disease.

I remember one experience when I was 21 years old.  I was getting pretty serious about this amazing, beautiful Italian lady and on her 20th birthday, gave her a promise ring.  So the day was memorable to say the least.  The afternoon provided for a time of soccer (Dutch and Italians), and the competition was present.  I had not noticed some fence post holes alongside the yard, and at one of my infamous moves around my mafia opponents, I landed in one – everyone heard the snap.  Hospital records indicated that I had torn my tendon and was to remain off my feet and on crutches for six weeks.

Sure enough, the following Sunday, there was a healing service at the church and anyone who wanted prayer could come forward.  I mean, talk about peer pressure – I visibly had crutches!

So off to the front I hobbled.  Here is what I remember – someone took my crutches and I could not see where they went.  Then I was prayed over. Then I was on the ground, but very conscious of my surroundings.  I decided to keep my eyes closed as tight as I could.  Then I started to pray – it was simple – God, I am on the floor.  I want to get up, but I would be so embarrassed if you did not heal me.  In fact, I would rather stay on this floor forever until you do heal me.  God, I am going to get up, I am asking quite simply that you heal me – you know I want you to do this for my sake, but I know I am supposed to ask this for your sake, but still know that I would rather you do it for my sake.  I breathed – always a good thing to do – took a deep breath and decided if I did not get up while people were still being prayed over, too many people would be watching.  So I got up and walked out the church doors – walked around the block – I can tell you for sure, I was totally healed.

Here is the thing.  I went to work the next day and everyone thought I had faked my injury.  Then I told them of the prayer – dealt with the Ernest Ansley routine schtick for the balance of the day – and never did tell another soul of this until today.

The greatest healing of all of course is when we, who have been separated from the love of God, make a decision to come home.  God by His grace has brought us back to Him and the Church should, with tenderness, joy, and sincere affection, receive us into the family of God.  Since many of us have experienced this, we know how important it is to take care that these newcomers to the family of God should always be encouraged, not discouraged.

When you are declared healed of your sin, you are healed indeed!   I think we need to tell someone…


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6 thoughts on “Have you been healed?

  1. Laura Cavanaugh on said:

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I enjoyed your post. I love healing stories! =)

  2. Wow, that’s a totally awesome experience. Thank you for sharing this with us. Your healing experience encouraged me in the faith a lot. And I agree that the greatest healing is when we became God’s own.

  3. I love it when God does what he said inspite of the unbelievers around us. I know it is sometimes hard to keep focused on Jesus through the pain and believe he is the true healer.

    I also love it when people share what God has done for them with others. It just lifts my spirit up out of this falling world.

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