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The penalty of intrusion is death…

…that is until Christ came into the scene, took the penalty for our sin and enabled us to come boldly before the throne of God without any condemnation.

However, it the past few days I still have been hearing how we have to “prepare” ourselves to come into the presence of God.  I am not sure that a child of God, a follower of Jesus Christ, a servant on the streets of this world, a slave with a heart of devotion for his Master needs to do that.

I enter into His presence with one word – Jesus, and I am there; I am in; we are connected; the world stands still; evil is arrested; my sins are forgiven; I enter into His favour; all is well.

I know our world does not offer us any models on this.  Few businesses these days let you through their employees’ entrance without an identification badge. “Authorized Personnel Only” signs quickly inform us that access is restricted. In the government and military branches, some places are “Top Secret” or “Restricted Access.” The penalties for violating such restrictions are often severe.

What we do need to remember, for our times we come to God as a coke machine instead of coming to worship, is that God’s presence is one of holiness. For us to have this awesome relationship with God, it must take place on God’s terms.

To come up with your own set of rules, to ignore the only way, truth and life – Jesus, to create a balance sheet where good offsets evil, to use the form of religion or any other creative measure you can think of – unfortunately, at the sigh of your last breath, the penalty of intrusion is still death.


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