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Trying not to be thrown out

How many times I have heard people complain about why we should suffer because of what Adam and Eve and done in the garden – in other words – I didn’t do anything wrong, so why am I being punished with their sin.

I never did get this.  I mess up all the time.

Of course, the best of us will try to look as good as we can or point to another direction of blame (oh, that’s been done before).

My son has been threatened on numerous occasions that he would be thrown out of his room if he did not get it cleaned and straightened up.

The temptation is to try to be as good as we can in the hopes that our good will outweigh our bad when it all comes down to judgement day.  If I get the big picture, that will never happen.

However, every day I have a choice and in every situation I have a choice.  Making the choice to do the things that God would have me do is a wise choice – doing that consistently is even a wiser route to follow.

Figuring out what is culture and what is God ordained can be a bit tricky – I come with a lot of “church” baggage.  A good friend of mine saw nothing wrong with having sex as often as he could with as many women as he could.  He even lead the college and career class at church – he says he didn’t know any better – it was just part of his culture that he was familiar with – he had sex with every woman in that group.  When it finally dawned on him that this was not the culture that God was aspiring for him, he had to make quite a few amends.

They say that in some Bible colleges in our country that 60% of the student body is sexually active.  I know, it just does not seem right does it?

So, in a sense, trying to stick to the straight and narrow is a tough thing to do – so not making that a decision every morning I wake up – makes it tougher.

So today, I make the decision to stay in the garden – keep my relationship with God a holy one.  Praising God for keeping me from falling to temptation and then for delivering me.  Keeping my mind on the things of God.

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