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Pure olive oil

First thing that comes to mind this morning is the Knock Knock joke – used it discreetly from time to time –

Knock Knock

who’s there?


Olive who?

Olive you!

Yeah, you can see where I am coming from…

I had friends who came from Cyprus.  In fact his mother is still there and a few of his brothers as they tend to their olive farm.  He goes back at a certain time of year to take home cases of olive oil for his families use here in Canada.  When I go to Cyprus, twice a year, I always plan to drop by the farm and say hello.

On a spiritual note – do you remember the song parody – “give me oil for my Ford, keep my trucking for the Lord” – oh boy, we are going further down the slippery slope…

Of course, olive oil, olive branches etc have been symbols of the Holy Spirit throughout the Word of God.  It is not the same as train oil, almond oil, or chain saw oil.  Olive oil is the purest and from the cold press, the first fruits.

So the parable of the 10 young virgins rings incredible warnings to me this morning – make sure I have oil and make sure I do not run out of oil – thus make sure I am full of the Holy Spirit and make sure that I never quench the Holy Spirit.

I want to burn bright for Jesus – making God visible in my life – night and day.

That is why Jesus is called the Light of His church, the Light of the world; in and through His word this light shines.  So He calls us to let our light shine, as He let His shine.  How can we live any other way without quenching and losing the Holy Spirit and possibly not be ready for the bridegroom when He comes?


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2 thoughts on “Pure olive oil

  1. Love it, we must keep our oil trimmed and burning.

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