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Point of freedom

This photo is from Freedom Point in Alaska – couldn’t resist the implied sense of incredible freedom and peace.

What do you think God thinks about us thinking that we own everything we have?  What do we think about when we say that its mine and I have the freedom to do whatever I want with it.  If I am going to truly understand the character of God and the responsibilities that He gives me to represent Him as a steward, I think I need to grasp this one idea.  It may look and feel like mine, but everything I think I own, I have to let go at some point in time.  Everything I think I own has a point of freedom tag on it.  If I get that, I am set free from ownership and I can rightly place it at the rightful place – with God – and I can ask Him how He would want me to engage with this special something that He has loaned to me for a time – how can I help make it grow, produce, engage and bring Him glory when the time is up.

If I am going to screw up this stewardship thing it will come at this expense – not knowing when to keep and when to give away.  When am I responsible and at one point do I let it go as part of my responsibility?

I look at Jesus life for guidance.  He knew when to lay down His life and give it away.

God owns everything – He is the supreme Lord and we, His vassals, if you will, belong to Him.  He has sent His Son, Jesus, to comfort all who mourn and to set us free from sin and give us the truest sense of liberty ever proclaimed.

How terrible it must be to be so much in debt that we have become slaves?  Satan thinks he owns us, but Jesus came to set us free.  The debt has been paid for – our only debt is to love one another and community is restored to its rightful balance.

One of the reasons I enjoy having a Sabbath day during the week is that I get to give back to God a portion of time that He has given me.  A day to reflect on His amazing grace and favour – a time where we engage and converse on the things of life and I get His perspective on issues in my life.

It is because I have been released from so much debt, that I naturally come to Him as His servant, to serve Him and at His request, be responsible for certain things – of which I, one day, will have to give an account for.  In exchange for my debt, instead of lording over me and reminding me and abusing me, He gives me incredible rest, times of refreshing that makes a grown man cry.  Celebrations of joy at the samples of what life will be like when I will be with Him at His place.

It is this presence of the Lord, this point of freedom, that brings the attention of those around us to Jesus.  It is this anointing, being filled with the Spirit of  the Lord that enables us to preach the Gospel to the poor, to bind up the broken-hearted, to bring liberty to the captives and the opening of the prisons to them that were bound, to proclaim to all that mourn a year of grace from the Lord – and who will come again from heaven in the times of the restitution of all things –  to complete and to glorify the whole creation into a kingdom of God, to restore everything that has been destroyed by sin from the beginning of the world, to abolish all the slavery of sin, establish the true liberty of the children of God, emancipate every creature from the bondage of vanity, under which it sighs on account of sin, and introduce all His chosen into the kingdom of peace and everlasting blessedness, which was prepared for their inheritance before the foundation of the world –Keil and Delitzsch

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