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You may not pay a fine instead

The basic idea is that God gives us life here on earth and with that life comes purpose –  worship, blessed to be a blessing, glory to God…and many more.

When we step away from God’s plan and purpose for our lives, we face the consequence of that turning away – unfortunately that consequence is death – no different from what happened with Adam and Eve.

Religion always tries to find a way around this death issue.  In some way, form or manner, money seems to the easy solution.  I will give, pay, build,..I will do all forms of penance in order to escape this death penalty.  That does not work, because God owns everything already.  Offering to give back to God what already belongs to God doesn’t move us any further ahead.

It is a tough spot to be in for sure, for who has never stepped away from God’s plan?

There is a way.  There is no other way.  All the religions in the world may say that there is, but there isn’t.  The theory of relativism is proven wrong every day, because people die every day – an absolute – and we will all one day come before God and receive the penalty of death as the payment for our crimes.

What is the way?

If someone would stand in our place, someone who somehow never did step away from the plan of God’s purpose in their lives.  Someone willing to say, I will take this person’s place – that could make a difference.

God knew since the beginning of time, that in some way, He had to come and share that way with us, in fact, He was the way.  Jesus came to live a life that was perfect.  In fact, He came so that He might die, in order that we may live.  So, our confession of Jesus as our substitute, our exchange for our lives, given over to God as servants, in exchange for pardon and forgiveness, granted because Jesus died in our place – He took the penalty of death upon Himself to set us free.

Now, as servants of the living God, a God that cares and loves us so much that He came down to show us the way, let us put aside this day, and every day, to engage in the purposes that God has destined for us…let us worship Him, as He blesses us with incredible gifts of joy, love, peace, hope, patience, kindness, and many more characteristics that reflect who He is – let us be a blessing to others.  In so doing we bring honour and glory to God and become, ourselves a blessing to God.

Put away your money – in heaven, the streets are paved with gold – no need to hang on to pavement.

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2 thoughts on “You may not pay a fine instead

  1. andydbrown on said:

    Beautifully written! Brilliantly explained! Thanks!

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