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Do you have any sacred duties?

I have to admit that I might not have the answer for this one – but I would like to go with the premise that I do.

As much as I am a child of God, joint heir with Christ – I am given certain purposes and with those purposes come certain obligations, and some of those require me to perform what would be classified as priestly or sacred duties.

The first thought in my mind is the responsibility of being the priest in my home.  The spiritual well-being of my family falls squarely on my shoulders.  It requires not only the speaking and telling and sharing of God, morning, noon and night, but the actions that come with such responsibility.

Here is what I have practiced my whole life and which I believe are sacred duties. They only involve my life with my family – my wife and my kids – to me those are my two sacred duties.

1.  I will die for my wife.  Easier said then done when I am mostly in the right 😉 . I will love her as much as Christ loves me, as much as He has forgiven me, as much as He forgets my ignorance, pride, and narcissistic behaviours.  I will listen more than I talk and I will not defend myself.  I will learn how to love her – discover her love language, engage in that love language and practice c.o.u.p.l.e. – stay always close; be open to hearing God speak through her; be understanding; being a peacemaker, when it is so much easier being a peacekeeper; listen; and being empathic.

2. The moment I walk in the door of my home, regardless of absolutely everything else that has happened that day, my kids are mine.  I play, pray, help with homework, honour their mother, love their mother, have devotions every single night because I am at the dinner table every single night and tuck them into bed with a story, song, and prayer. If things get out of my depth, experience, understanding – I seek counsel.  When I sense a spiritual shift away from God – I fast and pray until that shift is back towards the things of God.

I wake up every morning making a decision to love my wife – and I am amazed just how much I love her more today than ever.

My kids are in their mid-twenties – followers of Jesus Christ – my son gave his life to Christ at 3 years of age and my daughter when she was 4.  Lots of other milestones along the way – praying for a few more.  Right now most of our prayers, and we have been praying all along but right now very specifically, that they each discover the spouse God has planned for them to spend the rest of their life with.

Already planning what my sacred duties will be as a grandparent, but realize very quickly that I might be rushing things a bit.

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2 thoughts on “Do you have any sacred duties?

  1. This is beautiful & feel the same way about my husband. Thank God that you are the priest provider and protector in your home.

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