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The trumpet

The imagery in the Bible of blowing trumpets is everywhere.  I think in earlier generations they were the emblems of the ministry of the Gospel, called the great trumpet. Preachers are to lift up their voice like a trumpet, to call people to the attention that they were dying because of sin, and to encourage them to come to Christ for salvation. Even the construction of the trumpet had reference to being made out of silver or gold, comparing the fact that we draw God‘s thoughts out of the mines of Scripture, pure and free from the dross of errors and human inventions, lasting and durable, the everlasting Gospel.

However, once you have accepted the call of the Gospel, then the trumpet serves the purpose of collecting the worshippers of God. It directs and encourages our heavenly journey; stirs us up to combat against the world and sin, encouraging us with the assurance of victory. It brings our attention to the sacrifice of Christ, and shows the Lord’s presence for our protection.

The sounding of the trumpet of the gospel is part of God’s plan and demands the attention of all to whom it is sent.

May we learn the distinct sounds and be able to move as God is moving in the lives of us and those around us – discerning the call.

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2 thoughts on “The trumpet

  1. I love this, continue sharing the truth. Attention, attention!!

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