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It happens to leaders, it happens to followers – when things look bad, like there is no other way out, the desire to go against the way we are being called to go happens.

This is not just about doing your own thing, or being the leader who is following a different drummer – this is a change in position and a change in direction that you have implemented to go against the authority that was in place for the first time.

I think rebellion is one of those things that happens when fear enters the room.  It’s like there is no logic left in the room.  What we do not know is the element that we are fearing is most likely nothing more than a shadow – albeit there is probably a scorching sun that comes with that shadow.

Have you ever noticed that things are going well, you are moving ahead and then full stop – have to deal with a rebellious person or groups of persons who have decided that they are doing something more important – the frustration of wasted time…so when we think of rebelling, we have to remember that rebelling is a stoppage in time – it is a no win situation – nothing moves ahead, most like two steps back, one step forward.

Then there is the loss of favour.  Whatever favour you did have, you have the potential of losing it – favour that could have helped you down the road when it was our time to lead or our time to follow.

Sometimes the strength of other people is what causes us to fear and that is many times where the seed of rebellion comes from.  But if God be with us, who can come against us?  However, if the Lord is not with you – the natural outcome of sin is rebellion and that rebellion if left unchecked will pass from our relationships and will ultimately be a rebellion against God.

I have seen this happen in my fund-raising world so much.  People who say that they trust God to bring in the money for the cause that God has called them too, but when the rubber meets the road, they rebel against God because they do not see the funds coming in and they practice bribery, coercion, and manipulation to make things happen.

As Wesley use to say – “nothing can ruin sinners but their own rebellion. If God leaves them, ’tis because they drive him from them, and they die, because they will die.”

So I say no to throwing away the mercies of God.  I am assured that the land that God is bringing me too is good land.   The difficulties I face on the way there or once I arrive are nothing but shadows and make me into a better follower of Jesus Christ.   If it looks like I am coming up against a walled city while I am living in a tent, no worries – God will intervene.  In a sudden turn of His hand, my tent will be fortified and the walled city will come tumbling down.   While I have the presence of God with me, I do not need to fear the most powerful force against me. I will expose myself to God because there I am sure to be taken under His special protection.


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6 thoughts on “Rebellion

  1. RicardoEquips on said:

    Amen! I know exactly what you are talking about concerning the fund raising situation. I have a number of people who come to me concerning mixing money with ministry. And they always seem to have a status quo church mentality about it, so they miss the whole point. I share with them the model Paul left in 1 Cor. 9 and in Philippians 4. I hope they got the message, but from their simple response of “Thanks!”, usually means to me that the answer I gave them didn’t tickle their ears with what they wanted me to say. I seek to always give hard truth in love and in the most humble manner as possible. But in “rebellion” some love the “old wine” better.

    Good post!
    Christ bless!

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