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Give a sample to the Lord

In all the hustle of being a leader, making decisions, doing what needs to be done, following Jesus, reading, praying, assimilating, and delivering, I sometimes forget that in all things that He has provided for me – the things that I have in my life – it is important for me to offer some of it back to Him.

I think it has to do with attitude.

Let me try to explain.

My first story is a rather simple one.  My wife and I went out for lunch with our pastor.  As the food came to the table we were ready to give thanks, but our pastor said something rather unusual.  He said something along the lines that we should not say grace because it has become just a traditional thing to do, so why say grace.  I was floored.  You may not have noticed my intent on the change or wording – I said we were ready to give thanks, he said, why say grace.  Saying grace might be traditional, but thanking God for this morsel of food that He has provided, offering it back to Him as an expression of worship, asking Him to bless it to my body, to sustain  me for service, recognizing that so many go without, asking Him for wisdom to help those who do not have.  Maybe even more on my mind – I do not know the quality of food provided, I need God to take anything that is bad and turn it into good – but offering to Him, I give Him that opportunity to bless me.  I confidently go to any country of the world, any home, any neighbourhood, any situation because I will bless the water and the food and the air I breathe and God will indeed bless.  Give it to Jesus.

My second story is my fondest because of the emotion I still have over it.  Starting to share it more often as it has been a few years.  My wife and I ran into a situation where we needed to obtain a car and we needed to obtain it in one week.  We ended up with a bright red Pontiac Grand Am.  I hated that car.  I hated the bright red colour.  To me, no offense ladies, but it was a women’s car.  In two weeks time, I had a major accident with it – you have to understand that 20 years have gone by with no major accident.  Two months later another accident.  So I prayed about this and God brought my attitude up about the car and that I had not given Him the car.  It dawned on me.  After my first major accident with my first car I had ever purchased, I had made a decision to offer my car to God for Him to use whenever He wanted and for Him to bless it with His protection (I could tell you stories of angels working overtime). but I did not do this with this car, because of my hate for it.  I quickly called the family, told them what happened, went outside, joined together in prayer, laid hands on the car and offered it to God.  After seven years – no more accidents, nothing breaking down, a perfect running vehicle.  You might ask about my attitude – which you have every right to.  Here is what I said every morning coming out of the house and walking towards the car – I hate you with all my heart, soul and mind (left the word strength out on purpose), however, God has given you to me and I thank God for His amazing gift – so let’s go out there today and do amazing things.  Freaky isn’t it.

When I go into a hotel room, I cover every wall in prayer – even jump up to touch the ceiling – offering the room to God to use as He wills and to be honoured there.  When I leave I ask Him to touch the lives of the next person/people who come in.

When I visit someone in their home, I ask God to go before me, keep me sensitive to the needs in that home, be a blessing to that home – what can I give to them that will make a difference.

We all have these opportunities to give a small part of our lives back to God – join me in this incredible adventure of faith.

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4 thoughts on “Give a sample to the Lord

  1. RicardoEquips on said:

    Amen! Amen! A lot of people don’t do this. I think they have this, “Christ took the curse” attitude, so they don’t have to pray over and bless everything mentality. I have 4 different “niche”ministries (and blogs to go with each).

    1 Leadership
    2 Business
    3. Ministry
    4. Hip-Hop (I am a well know Christian Hip-Hop Artist named ReAsOn DiSciPLe).

    I teach in all four of these areas and sometimes I combine then into one topic like “business leadership over our hip-hop ministries” or something like that.

    I taught in one my first 7 hip-hop blogs about blessing your CD’s at concerts and praying over product shipped out one websites, etc. (Read here:

    In business I’ve done YouTube videos about praying over products, services, our business environment that other’s will be blessed by it. (View here:

    We are the Seed of Abraham sent bless “all the families of the earth.” That is (in my opinion and personal conviction) our primary mission upon this earth. Like you said the yesterday, “Blessed to be a blessing.”

    If our attitudes (the mind of Christ) is to esteem others better than ourselves, then it should be a way of life. Think of the greater impact of Christianity if every single member of the Body looked at themselves as thee very blessing of God rather than always seeking God’s blessing?

    Great read! Sharing again!
    Love you!

  2. Awesome awesome, I am going to start doing the same. Keep the blogs coming, they truly inspire and help me. All glory to God.

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