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Beginning to mutter again?

I found myself muttering this morning as I left one appointment with no real tangible outcome, just a tad late for my next one – when my GPS lost power.  I quickly noticed the plug had been pulled out of the power jack, just as quickly blamed my wife, just as quickly said, Lord, nothing is working today, just as quickly noticed that having powered up quickly enough – I had missed my turn and was now – late for my next appointment and I muttered against the Lord, my wife, my calling…

Somehow we have the ability to persuaded ourselves that it is our cunning in business, or our artificial setting up of what success looks like, that we fail to discerned when God is calling for our attention.  Worse, when He calls we talk against the Lord and possibly say some things that we should never have been saying in the first place – basically in the very face of justice.

Muttering brings out the most surprising instance of the corruption and depravity of human nature, of the blindness, hardness, and stupidity of the hearts of people, which nothing but the grace of God can remove.    We do not like it when we see it in others but we fall into the same evil, and murmur against others, whether or not they are in authority or not, because we basically are calling into question God’s authority.

Sometimes we even go so far as to call those that rebel against God as people of the Lord, and find fault in the people who are really following the Lord – because muttering is obstinacy and reveals how necessary the grace of God is to change our hearts and lives. Love will do what fear cannot.  We must render good for evil.

Observe especially, that this is a “type” of Christ. There is an infection of sin in the world, which only the cross and intercession of Jesus Christ can stay and remove. He stands between the dead and the living; between the eternal Judge and the souls under condemnation. We must have redemption through His blood, even the remission of sins. We admire the ready devotion of a follower of Christ – shall we not bless and praise the unspeakable grace and love which filled our Saviour’s heart, when He placed himself in our stead, and bought us with his life?

And we have time to mutter…Lord, forgive me once again.

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