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The donkey speaks!

As a bit of a side note, going back to the story of Balaam and his donkey speaking – I find it incredible that the donkey spoke, Balaam understood and started to have a conversation with the donkey…no stuttering, fear, unbelief…a few moments to recover…nothing.  Just find that part interesting.

But lately I have been using this phrase – in fact, coming to think of it, I use it whenever I am engaging with a body of believers.  I have used it to describe myself and I have used it to describe others.

Basically, somewhere in the conversation, someone will put down someone or some ministry.  I will use it to describe another ministry in the Middle East that “just doesn’t get it” and others will use it to describe a church body, or a set of beliefs or a person that has some strange method of sharing their faith.

As soon as I hear the words out of my mouth, or out of the mouths of those I am in conversation with I immediately close the conversation (of gossip) with this statement – and if God can use a donkey, He can use anyone, even me.”

It works.  Try it! Gossip stops, we realize that God uses everyone, in any situation to proclaim His glory – He will be glorified!

Who are we to say that this one will bring glory and this one will not?  God’s name will be glorified and He will choose the who and the when – we can only beg and pray that God would find us fit enough, ready enough and able enough to be that “donkey” for Him to use one special moment in life and that those who do not know Jesus will know Him, will have seen Him, through our lives and our words.


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