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Planned to bless

Many have their eyes open who have not their hearts open; are enlightened, but not sanctified. Knowledge puffs us up with pride, and will serve as a light for us to hell, where many will go with their eyes open.

So God creates blessings to touch the heart, and gives the blessing of His word to light our path.

God admires who we are – when we were created, He declared us “good.” Through Christ, He sees us righteous.  He blesses us with fruit of the Spirit and increases our stature and knowledge.  He gives us honour among others and ensures our advancement.  He is our power and He is our victory.

Looking back over our lives we see incredible courage that He has given us and we sense His loving arms secure around us.  We see that we are becoming bold, not in order to assault others, but in knowing God, resting and understanding that we are safe.

For all these things God has planned to bless us – imagine the influence we have on our neighbours. Since whatever happens to us, whether good or evil, God takes it as done to Himself, go confidently, take Him with you and plan to bless someone today, regardless.

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12 thoughts on “Planned to bless

  1. God continues to mke this abundantly clear.
    When I look back I wonder how I made it through so much.
    Then His word gently reminds me that He gives me strength for all my days.
    He gives strength. He gives compassion. He gives grace.
    All …. Just when we are in need of it.
    We are His living testimony.
    And it’s all good.

  2. Bravo, Bravo! Just applauding your willingness to post the truth, an article that gives God glory and enables His people to live for Him.

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