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Able to go to war?

I have always wanted to have a room in the office called, the war roomIt happened one day when I emptied a room that had served its purpose in another era.  Plans were being made how this room would serve my team, gather us together, sharpen our minds, prepare our spirits…I was getting pretty excited.

Then the day came for the general announcement and revealing of thoughts.   Well, I was shot down almost immediately.  My Anabaptist friends took immediate offence of the idea of war and the connotations of that towards violence wouldn’t get a creative drop of juice flowing through veins.  The women hated it – and when your staff of 15 has 13 women – you pretty much have lost the war.

I think we ended up calling it the glass room, because it was the only room with a wall constructed in glass. I know, not even close to being cool.

However, back to being at war or able to go to war.

I think this is still important.  I think attitude plays a part, but more important, are we mature.  Mature enough to think about joining forces together with the idea of preparation, about taking over something that we have asked God for – for instance I have asked Him to give me the Arabic speaking people in Canada – and lastly the concept of disposing and driving out the spirit of unbelief.

With maturity comes partnership – lone rangers are never welcome in such experiences.  You see them, people admire them, they are out in the street drumming their wares, but their war is a personal one.  I am looking at the way Jesus brought a team together – all with different giftedness and strengths and calling upon those when the time came to share the gospel.

Who have I rallied around me?  I can think of a few who can really pray, others who have courage, there are some who are bold in proclaiming the Gospel, others love adventure, there are some who know how to love as Jesus would love, others have incredible gifts of hospitality, others want to serve, others are creative, some are innovative, then there are others who can draw others into the vision and create a synergy of purpose for a cause or event…

Ask the Lord whose team you should be on or whose team you need to assemble – He will give you those who are able to do much for the Kingdom of God – He will call you to do what needs to be done.



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8 thoughts on “Able to go to war?

  1. I personally would have voted for the “war room”, LOL

  2. Thanks for sharing. Teamwork is so important in the complex world we live in today. We need a team to fix problems at work and at home.

  3. Thank you for the message contained

    Shirley Anne x

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