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Gift of time

I have been trying to figure out all year about the importance of all the sacrificing that went on in the Old Testament along with all the various offerings etc.  I mean, there are hundreds of different reasons for coming and presenting sacrifices and offerings to God.

This morning was no exception.

However, in my quiet time with God, I asked Him again – what is with all of these religious entries of offerings and sacrifices when I know they are not even as meaningful as a heart that follows You?

Then it dawned on me.

I remembered a lesson about the five love languages that all of us have in expressing and receiving love.  Those five are time, touch, gifts, acts of kindness, written words.

God’s love language is time…

Not time looking after the homeless or the hungry – not time in doing Sunday School, youth group or house church – not serving on the deacons or elder boards – time with just Him, in the living room of our hearts.

He craves it so much that He built an entire system of worship that would get you into His house so that He could fellowship with us and bless us.  When you think about it, that is what Jesus came to tell us.  Jesus came to come – spend some time away – let’s talk about things like what the kingdom of God looks like.

During time of preparation for the Easter season we all take time to think of the things we will “give up” for Jesus, as a way of preparing our hearts.  I think we have lost it – we are not to give up, we are to give more of our time to Him.  What better way for us to prepare our hearts for this awesome time of reflection, calling and celebration.

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3 thoughts on “Gift of time

  1. wdednh on said:

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  2. Love’s language is time — so deeply profound and beautiful. It rings true with our relationship with the Father, and with our human relationships as well.

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